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The Holidays are Upon Us!

There is no better time to hit the dance floor than NOW!

Ready to add ballroom dance lessons to your bucket list? Dance It Studio is ready to help you do just that. Taking ballroom and social dance classes will change your lifestyle–making you healthier, stronger and happier. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to change your life for the better!

There are many exciting opportunities for you to strut your stuff and we will focus on helping you to reach your full potential. Throughout the year there are many local “showcases”, themed social events, Summer Youth Camp, group classes, formation team, as well as many, many Dancesport Competitions. Dance It Studio invites some of the top judges from around the country to provide private coaching sessions for all students. Now is the perfect time for you to get involved.


Dance It Studio is the top studio in Central Florida for competitive, social, and new ballroom dancers. Our professional and personable team is dedicated to creating champions on and off the dance floor. Through our unique, active and fun educational style, Dance It Studio encourages personal growth, health and strong values.


Just Do It…Make It Happen…Dance It!

Serving all of Central Florida, Dance It Studio is conveniently located just south of downtown Orlando. Visit or contact us today! Remember, your first ballroom dance class is always FREE!

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