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Dancing is a great form of exercise. Have fun while improving your overall health, strength & flexibility.


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Anybody can dance and we are willing to prove it to you in an fun environment.

Free Lesson

Free Lesson

First lesson is complimentary. We show you how to dance in 30 mins.

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There is no better time to hit the dance floor than NOW! Ready to add ballroom dance lessons to your bucket list? Dance It Studio is ready to help you do just that. Taking ballroom and social dance classes will change your lifestyle–making you healthier, stronger and happier. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to change your life for the better!

There are many exciting opportunities for you to strut your stuff and we will focus on helping you to reach your full potential. Throughout the year there are many local “showcases”, themed social events, Summer Youth Camp, group classes, formation team, as well as many, many Dancesport Competitions. Dance It Studio invites some of the top judges from around the country to provide private coaching sessions for all students. Now is the perfect time for you to get involved.

Just Do It…Make It Happen…Dance It!


I have had a really good experience!

Ballroom makeup
"I’m learning technique and getting one-on-one attention which is very important to me. The studio instructors are very competent and great support. They are able to encourage anybody. Kids, adults, everybody. Even if dancing is not their main hobby and despite one’s personal fears and insecurities."
Tatyana Miroshnikova, Orlando, FL, Orlando, FL

It’s fabulous!

Jeanette doing the splits at USDC.
"It's such a beautiful studio now. I remember when there was still concrete floor and now there is a beautiful floor, beautiful people who are interested in dancing and helping one another. Everybody helps everybody. And everybody likes everybody."
Jeanette Dunstan, Kissimmee, FL

It’s a family!

"It's a family and that's what I love about it the best. No matter who comes through those doors they are greeted with a lot of love. Nobody wants to be in a place where they are tolerated. They want to be in a place where they are celebrated and thats the #1 thing Dance It Studio does. They celebrate all their students."

Cecilia Torres, Orlando, FL
Alegre Designs

For me, it’s home!

"When I come here, it gives me an opportunity to practice whenever I want to. I come in and practice by myself. It’s secure and feels like a home environment. To be a part of a group of people that are so phenomenal and genuinely want to help you, you just can’t pass that up. It’s a team and it’s awesome!"

Kia Malone, Orlando, FL
The Dancer's Boutique

I’d like to thank all of the instructors at Dance It Studio.

Orlando Ballroom Dancing
"This past month has been wonderful. My one year anniversary as a student was on Valentines' Day weekend, the same weekend I won my first competition. Everyone has been celebrating with me and I can tell how much everyone cares about me.”

Julie Lee, Orlando, FL

The teachers always push us to be better!

Luis and Kiria after Dance It Studio performance
"Sometimes I don't want to come because I'm tired from work or because I know I didn't get to practice dancing on my own time but then I come here and want to keep going. Especially with that crazy spirit and energy that you guys have. I could be here all day. I can tell all of you really enjoy what you because it gets projected in the lessons."
Luis Colon, Orlando, FL

"I love the studio. My business schedule is so hectic throughout the day and this is where I can come and unwind and clear my mind. It's my escape capsule from the busy world."
Kiria, Orlando, FL

Serving all of Central Florida, Dance It Studio is conveniently located just south of downtown Orlando. Visit or contact us today! Remember, your first ballroom dance class is always FREE!

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